420 stoner hookups. Meet marijuana buds online.It’s pretty easy to find 420 friendly singles out there. With the recent legalization of marijuana everyone is coming out and rallying around stoners everywhere supporting this historical legalization. We are proud of ourselves and our right to smoke marijuana without repercussions.

Generally you can spot the people who smoke, with our pride also comes sexy t-shirts and even socks. Rocking the pride is the best way to attract people who smoke weed. Represent, coexist and above all else, have a good time free of judgement!

We understand your need for people like us to come together in more than one way. There is a sexual aspect to this and it’s blossoming as we speak.

How To Find Your 420 Dream Lover

Walking down the street, you may not find your dream girl right away. Sometimes it can be difficult to go out and meet people into the same things you are. Maybe you don’t have the time. Maybe you have a demanding job, Perhaps you really just dislike the social scene altogether. That’s fine, because we’re right there with you! We’ve come up with a great way to meet local 420 singles from the comfort of your home.

At 420BangMe we provide you with personal profiles in the dating world. With this at your disposal the option are truly endless. You can talk with someone and decide that they’re really just not your type and without hurt feelings or an awkward “break-up”. You’ll be able to find the perfect person that really gets you on an intimate level and that’s something to be excited about!

Are you ready for this adventure? The adventure that never ends? The excitement of falling in love coupled with the passion we have for weed? We sure are! Get started HERE!


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Locals — 15 Comments

  1. Anybody that is 420 friendly, tends to be more open in bed. Best combination in my opinion, ironically I work in a very conservative industry so I tend to be low key. I am very open to trying new things with the right person. I have to send you a picture directly, little paranoid because now f the industry I am in. Trust me I am fun, cute and love to get wild

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