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We have collected some AWESOME 420 videos for your viewing pleasure! Be prepared because these 420 girls are HOT and STONED. So dangerous. So beautiful. Let’s just take a minute to gain our composure before we pack a bowl and watch these.

Okay, We’re composed and ready to go! The bowl is packed and we’re looking forward to the videos. There is just nothing quite as sexy as a hot girl smoking pot. Let’s see these beauties smoking like champs and looking sexy as hell in the process.

420 Video 1: Sexy girls smoking weed. Oh my goodness!

420 Video 2: Asian girl stuffs a full Dutch with weed and it’s like sex foreplay. A sight to behold indeed!

420 Video 3: Sexy ganja style marijuana video. More sexy girls smoking weed!

420 Video 4: What’s hotter than two sexy girls smoking weed? The kiss after!

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